Low Range Offroad Team Challenge

We’re excited to announce a new addition to this year’s event, the Low Range Offroad Team Challenge. The format of the event is based on the legendary Nor-Cal Club Challenge. The Team Challenge will take place on Saturday evening and will be open to Sportsman class competitors only. The event will be limited to 5 teams of 4. All Team Challenge participants must be registered participants of Supercrawl.

Overview – The Team Challenge will include 5 teams, consisting of 4 vehicles each. The drivers must be registered participants in one of the 3 Sportsman classes (Stock, Legends, Trail Buggy), driving the same vehicle they are competing with during Supercrawl. All vehicles must meet the safety specifications outlined in the official Supercrawl rulebook. All Supercrawl on-course safety and sportsmanship guidelines are applicable during the Team Challenge.

Objective – Teams will attempt to get all 4 of their vehicles through each course in the fastest time. Time will start when the first vehicle breaks the plane of the start gate, and time will stop when the last vehicle breaks the plane of the finish gate.

Courses – Each course will have a start gate, numbered gates, and a finish gate. Rules for gates and course flow are the same as specified in the Supercrawl rulebook.

Scoring – The team with the lowest combined time for course 1 and 2 will be the winner. Each course will have an 8 minute time limit. If a team does not complete a course with all 4 vehicles in 8 minutes, their time will be recorded as 10 minutes.

Starting Order – Teams will line up all 4 vehicles, single file, at the start gate of their course. Vehicles will be numbered 1-4, in an order determined by the team. The #1 vehicle must be the first vehicle to complete each gate, followed by #2, #3, #4. If a team does not complete the gates in their starting order, they will be disqualified from the course. On course 1, running order will be 1-4 as determined by the team. On course 2, the running order will be inverted (4-1).

Spotter Assistance – Each team will be permitted to have 1 spotter. The spotter must start the course riding in one of the vehicles. If the spotter has to exit the vehicle, the team will have 1 minute in penalty time added to their total time. Once the spotter has exited the vehicle, he/she does not have to get back in the vehicle to finish the course. The spotter, and ONLY the spotter, is permitted to attach a recovery strap to a vehicle that needs assistance. Both vehicles must be completely stopped while the strap is being attached. Touching a moving vehicle or a strap attached to a moving vehicle will result in disqualification. Vehicles may not start a course while strapped to another vehicle. Once a driver completes the finish gate, he/she may not re-enter the course to assist their teammates.

Bonus Gates – Courses may have an alternate bonus finish gate. Drivers may opt to complete the bonus finish gate in lieu of the standard finish gate. Each driver that completes the bonus gate will be awarded a negative time value that will be subtracted from the team’s total time. When a bonus finish gate is available, teams WILL NOT have to finish the course in their starting order, but they will still be required to complete all preceding gates in their starting order.