Supercrawl Cancelled; Moved to Trail Hero

A month ago, we felt confident that Supercrawl in Reno would happen. Unfortunately, Nevada has not lifted restrictions as quickly as we were hoping. At this point, social gatherings are limited to 10 people and sporting venues are closed. Although it’s possible that things will change in the next month, it’s very unlikely that the event could operate without restrictions.

We’ve considered our options for rescheduling the Reno event, but couldn’t come up with an option that made sense. We had to consider the dates of other rock crawling events, holidays, and weather.
We’ve always had great support from local and nearby teams, so I know this will be disappointing for you guys.

The good news is we are planning to make our rock crawl at Trail Hero the make up date for Supercrawl 2020. Expect the event to be bigger and better than last year’s inaugural rock crawl. More info will be announced soon.